Wayward, the ethos of travellers.

For the first few years, Wayward lived up to their name as they rented tanks around Sydney to create their signature brews. Wayward is the ethos of travellers, with a desire to embrace whatever comes their way. With the mindset that getting lost on purpose and the comfortability to take the road less travelled, Wayward has been able to take inspiration from beers around the world and bring that flavour home. After renting tanks around Sydney the Wayward crew settled in their own home in Camperdown, Sydney. Hidden around the corner and down the alley, you will find your own travels have led you to Wayward Brewing Co. The incredible space has been transformed from old wine vats into great spaces for enjoying a freshly poured beer with mates.

Beer worth travelling for.

Founder Peter Philip began perfecting his craft and recipes at home, bring in the flavours of his travels through Europe and beyond to his small batches. Once he was satisfied with his work, he began creating larger batches with rented tanks around Sydney. After his first commercial release under the ‘Wayward’ name in 2012, Peter continued to brew his signature beers gypsy style. Within a few years, Wayward Brewing was coming out of at least seven different breweries. During this time Peter met and teamed up with Shaun Blissett, a devotee of hoppy American-style beers. Constantly amused by Peter’s non-traditional approach to brewing Shaun has also let his own innovative beer inventing shine through during the creation process. With mutual strengths in the creative collaboration process, the two brewers complement each other and regularly invent beers that bring new twists to old styles.


The gypsy brewing came to an end in 2015 as Wayward opened their own brewery and ‘cellar bar’. The cellar bar is constantly pouring Wayward’s signature beers, ciders, sours and more every day. As homage to their own gypsy journey, the cellar bar includes taps to feature other up and coming gypsy brewers. The cellar bar also reflects the wayward traveller, with a real motorcycle bolted to the wall. Every day at Wayward you will go on an adventure, whether that is through the array of beers they offer or where you go after.

The Wayward Cellar Bar plays host to 24 taps, these taps include the core range of beers, limited releases and a few guest beers. The core range has something for everyone, starting with the Red IPA, the Everyday Ale and even the Raspberry Berliner Weisse, with flavours from all around the world. This range was created during the gypsy stage of Wayward, solidifying their diversity in brewing and flavours.


Here at Beer Fans we are big Wayward fans and can’t wait to see what the creative and innovative team come up with next.

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