Stomping Ground Brewing Co is found in the heart of Collingwood Victoria. A piece of Australian brewing history, as Collingwood played host to as many as 40 breweries in the late 1800s. Stomping Ground is one of a number of breweries that now call the area home. The large taphouse/brewery has been designed with a ‘come one, come all’ philosophy. A place that you can bring your grandmother for lunch or allow the kids to play why you enjoy a cold one, or two. The reclaimed warehouse took far too long to find for the founders of Stomping Ground, but they have been able to make a home in the old sawtooth roofed warehouse. The large size of their space allowed for many great additions to their brewery. Including an industrial style beer hall, garden, restaurant, space for kids to play and as many as 26 taps to choose from, the brewery tanks are at the heart. Each space has been carefully thought out to give each visitor a comfortable space to be in and be able to see the brewing tanks, the true heart of Stomping Ground.


The name Stomping Ground really came out of their location. Having the brewery located in the old stomping ground or brewers of old it felt only right to pay homage to the area they are in. During the late 1800’s Collingwood was the neighbourhood for over 40 breweries, the highest density in Australian history. Unfortunately, due to amalgamations and buyouts, the number of breweries was drastically reduced over the 1900s. Stomping Ground love their own piece of history. They have worked hard to bring the craft beer scene back home to Collingwood, including great tasting beer.

Founders Steve Jeffares and Guy Greenstone partnered with long time venue manager Justin Joiner to bring the Stomping Ground brewery to life. As they had the perfect location and team, they needed some fresh taste buds for their brewing. Asher Hall came on board as their head brewer to create the taste for Stomping Ground. As Asher was newer to the team, founders Steve and Guy took Asher on a tour through the American craft brewery scene, their original inspiration to create their own brewery. As they travelled the group became closer and unified their goals for Stomping Ground and the beers they would create.


During the GABS Hottest 100 Beers of 2020, Stomping Ground took out the 27th spot with their Gipps St Pale Ale. The beer named after the street Stomping Ground call home. This pale ale is full of tropical, pine and tangerine flavours and the classic American hop characters. This tropical pale ale has been winning awards since its first gold at the Craft Beer Industry Association – Craft Beer Awards 2017.


Stomping Ground Brewing Co. has partnered with fellow Collingwood breweries to create ‘The Collingwood Beer Trail. Lace-up your boots and hit the ground as you visit up to five breweries. This free to walk trail is great for a day out and is a great way to see the area of breweries of old. There is also a trail pass for $30, this pass includes three tastings at each of the breweries and a donation to a local charity. Stomping Ground are firm believers of giving back to their community. Often partnering with local organisations to help raise awareness and funds for their efforts. Stomping Ground also produces different beers for the funds that are close to their heart. These are most often only available from the tap but there are a number that are canned and available throughout the year.


Stomping Ground has done a great job at bringing the craft beer community back to its old stomping ground. Sharing a piece of brewing history to a wider community.

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