Unashamedly intense craft beer and cider.

After causing a statewide shortage of Simcoe Hops in 2013, brothers and co-founders Nat and Callum Reeves became the original 'Hopmasters'. Their first beer, Aftermath Double IPA, set them apart from other craft breweries. With hop-driven styles and unique can designs, they have seen their brewery grow and remain 100% family owned. 

But what does 'Kaiju' actually mean?

Kaiju is Japanese for 'strange creature'. You may be familiar with Godzilla, Mothra and all the bad guys from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Kaiju Beer have created their own tribe of strange creatures to represent their unique beer styles. This tribe includes, the Diatamatic Hopzilla, Cthulhu, Behemoth, Betelgeuse and the lovely Lady Hopped Out Red. Each of these unique kaijus can bee seen on their cans and merch. 

Kaiju Beer feature unique and bold beers and ciders. The same can be said for their merch designs. The creative and bold designs are hard to miss when out and about, making it super easy to spot fellow Kaiju Fans. 


A little more about Kaiju! Beer...

Kaiju! Beer succeeded in their Kaiju! Krush Tropical Ale reaching number 11 in the 2020 GABS Hottest 100 Aussie Craft Beers. Their tropical ale is a fresh, lip smacking ale, full of tropical fruit flavours. 

The Krush is one of the lower alcohol content, ABV 4.7%, IBU 25, beers made by Kaiju. Having been known for their higher alcohol content and bold hops flavours, the Krush is perfect introduction into the beer world for a novice drinker. Since creating the krush Kaiju have also created other lower alcohol content beverages such as 'Main Squeeze'. This Passion Guava Session Ale has a refined malt profile, complemented by the passion-fruit and guava fruit bomb. A great mid-strength, full flavour and aroma ale that is easy to come back to. 

Kaiju! Beer is a feat of constant experimentation. Unique blends of hops are featured in each of their creations with inspiration from their one-off Kaiju designs and collaborations. 

Kaiju! Beer credit their 'fans' for their success and know that they are very lucky to have the fan support as they continue to push the boundaries and create unique beers and ciders.

We can't wait to see what Kaiju! Beer comes up with next. 

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