Jetty Road Brewery began as a passion project between two long times mates on the Mornington Peninsula. Childhood mates Grant Rodgers and Blake Bowden teamed up and began brewing at home. This was not an overnight decision. After spending their teen and early adult years on their own journeys the two mates had their own affiliations for craft beer. During a trip around Europe, Grant’s taste for craft beer began. Throughout his travels the idea for Jetty Road was planted. Before he settled in London, Grant had drawn up his first business plan for what is now Jetty Road.

At 15, Blake learnt about home brewing from his boss. After his own travels and life experience, he joined Grant and together they began perfecting their beer recipes at home. After many batches, a couple of explosions and six years the duo had created their perfect beer. During these development years the pair assembled a team of like-minded people to help build Jetty Road Brewery. One addition to this team was their first investors, Founders First, a craft accelerator, investing in craft breweries and distilleries. Jetty Road is constantly grateful for the investors and local community that helped build the Jetty Road we know today.

Then from plan to action: after six years perfecting their first beer and Jetty Road began releasing it in kegs. Due to popular demand the JRB Pale Ale required more brewing space and customers wanted to take their beers home. Less than a year after their first keg release Jetty Road released their pale ale in cans. The team and Jetty Road was very fortunate to brew their beers at different breweries throughout Melbourne, including KAIJU! This allowed the team to refine their process and learn how a brewery would work best for them.

It takes a village to raise a brewery.

Jetty Road was blessed with the perfect blank canvas to create their brewery, just around the corner from their home brew set up they found the perfect place: an old, empty warehouse was perfect to create the brewery of their dreams. Adding new electrical and gas lines, drains and water, the brewery began to take shape. As Jetty Road was always an every-man’s beer, the idea and reason for the brewery became the same, a place for all to come. With a brew floor that can be seen from the tap room, spaces for kids and enough space for events from yoga to a wake, not only is the brewery a space for everyone it has been created ‘by’ everyone. Local artists have decorated the walls, local craftsmen have helped fit it out and local produce is used to create their beers and food menu. Jetty Road will always be a place created and built for the community of beer fans.


The Jetty Road Pale Ale, the OG if you will, placed 87th on the GABS Hottest 100 Beers 2020. The pale ale and other beers have placed on the GABS Hottest 100 in previous years, solidifying the appreciation beer fans have of the first beer from Jetty Road. Created with a crisp and clean palate the JRB Pale Ale is the perfect session ale, with a subtle, satisfying bitterness and tropical and citrus aromas this is the beer for everyone. Jetty Road has been adding to their range throughout the years and created a beer cocktail for the 2021 GABS festivals. The JRB Amaretto Sour is a sweet, sour and silky-smooth beer with notes of marzipan and citrus. Full of flavour and that slight creaminess is that perfect bit of fun to add to this year’s festival season.

Not only have Jetty Road created their brewery but they have expanded into multiple locations, bringing the JRB style with them. Creating a tap room even closer to the beach over last summer was the perfect step. The classic stylings include artwork from their brewery and the second location in Lorne features a laid-back beach style, perfect for those summer days down by the beach.  

The locals agree and so do the many visitors of the Mornington Peninsula, Jetty Road shines. Their community spirit and love of the beach and great beer has created the perfect place to spend time with family and friends, any time of the year.

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