Life is too short to drink bad beer. 

Hawkers Beer was founded in 2014 and launched in 2015, but their history started well before this. After launching the first craft brewery in the Middle East, during the war between Israel and Hezbollah in 2006, founder Mazen Hajjar discovered the Sydney suburbs during one of his trips to Australia while “hawking” beers. 

Hawkers has seen astounding growth after starting out with just four people back in early 2015. Dozens of skilled and talented people now work together to make Hawkers the great brewery it is today. The Hawkers approach to beer creation is the 'passionate artisanal' way. With a team of intelligent, motivated, eccentric people, Hawkers constantly strives to create great beer. 


What is 'Hawking'?

The Hawkers name is inspired by the early street vendors of Australia. During the early colony many immigrants would use a cart to take their goods, selling them throughout the town to earn a living. Their actions were critical for the economic growth of the early settlers and allowed the colony to spread further.


A little more about Hawkers Beer...

Hawkers not only use the best ingredients they can source to create great beer, but they are also committed to sustainability. With an understanding that it takes one beer at a time, Hawkers have done their best to operate with 98% of their rubbish being recycled. The ultimate goal is to have 100% of their rubbish being recycled. 

By creating as much solar energy they can, Hawkers have significantly reduced their energy usage. Another process provides a sustainable solution for all of their used malt. Once the malt has been expended, farmers take away the spent grain and feed their hungry Angus herds. The malt is usually a by-product that ends up in the rubbish. Hawkers really have taken more steps to become as truly sustainable as they can. 


Now the info you really want to hear: 

The Hawkers West Coast IPA was voted in at #86 in the 2020 GABS Hottest 100 Aussie

Craft Beers. Their IPA is not one to be noted for its subtlety. With punch floral aromas and notes of citrus and pine the IPA is known for being audacious and unruly. 

Hawkers is a fiercely independent company, with an unconditional commitment to creating and sharing flavourful beers.  

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