The story of Dainton Beer began at Christmas 2008 when Dan Dainton received the best gift a guy could ask for… a home brewing kit.

With many failed attempts at creating the perfect brew, including his first beer named the Filthy Lager (Flager), Dan slowly perfected his technique, learning from fellow home-brewers as well as by up-skilling via several brewing courses. After stints at James Squire and Holgate Brewhouse, Dan was ready to  take the grand leap into commercial brewing. As a result, in 2013 the first ‘Red Eye Rye’ was brewed by Dan at a local friendly brewery. Today, the Red Eye Rye has been rated as one of the best rye ales in Australia, including winning gold at the IBA ‘Indies’ (Independent Beer Awards). After the success of Red Eye Rye, Dainton continued to ‘gypsy brew’ at up to seven different locations until 2015 when construction began on his own brewery.

Throughout their journey, Dainton Beer has continued to grow in popularity and creativity. Beers have gone from interesting to sometimes a little crazy, including the ‘Vienneipa’. A swirly, chocolatey, vanilla’y ice-cream that is a little bit fancy crossed with an IPA.

While gaining a reputation for highly creative beers have helped put Dainton on the map, Dan knows it’s just as important to ensure consistency in every core beer, and has focussed the brewery’s efforts and processes to ensure all of their beers are served at their very best.

The last 18 months have brought both challenges and opportunities. With the various lockdowns and work limitations, Dainton has had the chance to go from strength to strength. Not only have the team streamlined their core range of beers but this year the brewery has almost doubled their capacity to 1.8 million litres, including a new canning line. The new updates to the brewery have given Dainton Beer the ability to expand into the export market, doubling their revenue, and allowing for the growth of their brewery to happen on their own terms. Not to mention the fact that their beers almost sell themselves off the back of winning a few awards along the way.

Dainton Beer is a credit to each of the people who are working together to create such an amazing brewery.

With this mentality and their sudden increase in capacity, the brewery has offered tank space to other brewers to make the most of any gaps in their brewing schedule. Dainton and the team are very grateful for the chance they had to gypsy brew as they began, and they are paying it forward and helping more start-up brewers begin their own journey.

GABS Hottest 100 Craft Beers of 2020 Results:

Dainton Beer succeeded in taking out three positions in the GABS Hottest 100 Beers 2020.

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