How are ya?
R u ok?
You good mate?
How’s it going?


Three simple words are sometimes all you that’s required to open a conversation that may need to happen.

Many Australians struggle with mental health every day, often without anyone else knowing. Loneliness and isolation are some of the largest causes for the deterioration of mental health. Approximately one in two Australians would say that they are lonely and approximately one in five Aussies don’t even know their neighbour.[1]

The Craft Beer Coopery founder Trevor Lowder was once a part of statistics like these until he found support. After struggling on his own for almost 10 years, he reached out to his wife for support. After receiving help and encouragement from those closest to him, Trevor looked further into the causes for poor mental health, and learnt just how many people are living with anxiety, depression, loneliness and much more.

One afternoon while working in his garden, Trevor’s neighbour offered him a beer and an initiation to chat. Over a couple of beers, and good conversation, the two learnt more about each other’s lives than they had in their five years of being neighbours. How simple… a beer and a chat broke down the invisible barrier between strangers. What if there was a way to give others this chance? A chance to share great craft beer and find a space where they can talk about the things that are really happening in their life. The Craft Beer Coopery was born.


A social enterprise to lubricate conversation

The Craft Beer Coopery is a subscription box for people who love great Australian craft beer. Each month subscribers are sent a box of nine beers, four sets of two and an extra one for the subscriber. The box also includes some beer snacks, info about the latest month’s beers and a few coasters to help lead your conversations. As people get together and share the beers, they are able to share in each other’s company and get to know one another better. This box is designed to be shared, an invitation to let someone in or let others know you are there for them. Each box also includes details for those who may want to seek professional help.

As the Craft Beer Coopery has grown, so have the boxes they offer. There are now boxes to send a mate as well as corporate boxes to help bring healthy conversations into the workplace. Sometimes it takes a few conversations to get to what you really need to say. But knowing that next month you and your mates are going to catch up for a beer allows space and time for those conversations to happen when they are needed. These boxes all included talking points to help craft conversations and information about each of the beers is included. You may even discover a new brewery you have never tried before.

Here at Beer Fans, we are excited to be able to support great people like Trevor and those struggling with mental health. We are now stocking the Craft Beer Coopery hat. Each hat features a little red tag reminding us that one beer can change a life. One conversation can make all the difference. All proceeds from the Craft Beer Coopery Trucker Hat go straight back into helping others who struggle with mental health.

If you need someone to talk to, please feel free to reach out, even if you buy your mate a beer. We have also included some links below for a few great support systems.

You are not alone, there are people around you who may be struggling too.


Cheers to you and cheers to a conversation that can change a mate’s life.



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