INTRODUCING CAPITAL BREWING CO.Good for nature and good for people.

Capital Brewing Co is found in Canberra, the capital of Australia. Many Australians view Canberra as our political centre, but Capital Brewing Co has chosen to champion other features of the city. Canberra is surrounded by wildlife and bushlands not missed by the young population occupying the city.

And so, Capital was born in the Brindabella wilderness. A beautiful area of Australia where you can make tracks through snow, that later becomes the pristine water in the Capital Brewing beers. The love of nature and the environment is the cornerstone for Capital. They create good natured beers, in an environment beautiful and natural, so that their kids can enjoy the same in the future. 

Capital Brewing has seen the thirst for great local beer grow amongst the community.


Capital Origins…

Capital Brewing began as long bar side chats among mates (Tom Hertel, Laurence Kain and brothers Richard and Sam Coombes). Do breweries start any other way? Conversations often revolved around beers, their city and the nature surrounding it. The Capital team have worked to ensure that caring for the city of Canberra and its rural surroundings are at the forefront of what they do. Capital's beers also tell the story of its surrounds and the life the founders have lived growing up in the country’s capital.

The four mates mutually enjoyed the bolder and hop-driven styles of the American West Coast beers. This led them to San Diego where they found head brewer Wade Hurley. Wade has been given free rein over the creation of Capital's beers. Brewing beers inspired by his home, Canberra and the Australian outback.

Good Natured doesn’t just encompass Capital’s brewing style, but also the way they create their merchandise. Capital has sourced a sustainable, recycled cotton, jersey fabric to make their merch designs come to life. Each move Capital takes leads them to become more sustainable, protecting the beautiful environment that is so close to their heart in order to leave behind something beautiful for their kids to enjoy.

DID YOU KNOW?! Capital Brewing Co. succeeded in having 7 of their beers ranked in the GABS Hottest 100 Beers of 2020.


#13 – Capital XPA

#14 – Coast Ale

#46 – Trail Pale Ale

#48 – Rock Hopper

#72 – Evil Eye

#73 – Hang Loose Juice

#93 – Summit Session Ale

As evident by their success during the GABS Hottest 100, the Capital philosophy of ‘Good Natured Brews’, has surely encompassed their brewing style. The proof is in the beer and the fans. Capital has created various beers that are enjoyed by locals and others around Australia.

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