Brick Lane Brewing is a community centred brewery. When a bunch of friends, brewers and beer fans alike joined together they created Brick Lane, a place where everyone is welcome. The benefit of having such a large and supportive community right at the beginning allowed Brick Lane to create their ideal brewery from the get-go. As a brewery, Brick Lane set goals, shaped ambitions and ideas to create a community, not just great beer. This community is not just inclusive of those who brew at Brick Lane or their ‘fans’. It is a community of brewers, breweries, farmers, charities and much more. The state-of-the-art facility continues to produce Brick Lane’s signature beers but was designed with space for smaller breweries to produce their own beers. Having a brewing team set up of brewers from various breweries keeps the community strong and diverse. This unique team of brewers allows Brick Lane to brew beers for the die-hard beer fans and beers for everyone. This has proven to be a winning strategy as Brick Lane managed to get their beers in four positions on the GABS Hottest 100 Beers of 2020 (details below).

Putting balance and approachability first.

Not only does Brick Lane Brewery aim to create an inclusive community, but they also strive to produce the best quality beers with little impact on the environment. One of the strategies Brick Lane has put into place is to source ingredients from their local areas. Approximately 98% of all Brick Lane beers are sourced from Victorian producers, including malt, water, most hops, most fibre and all primary packaging. One of the larger impacts on produced goods is transportation. Brick Lane Brewery are using local produce to reduce their carbon footprint along with Brick Lane’s state of the art facility which features their own packing line, recycling processes and the ability to repurpose energy. Taking large steps to become 100% sustainable. The recycling processes ensure that no plastic packaging is used with a focus on recycled glass, aluminium and fibre. Every drop of Brick Lane beer has not only been carefully brewed with you in mind but also the environment, taking care to look after you and where you live.


Like brick laneways around the world, Brick Lane Brewery brings communities together through inclusivity and diversity, sustainability and innovation.


Each year Brick Lane Brewing support several organisations. With such a large investment group the brewery has been given a diverse connection with people from all walks of life. Just to name drop a few: Billy Slater, Dan Carter and Eddie Maguire were among the original founders. Each member has a cause close to their heart and it shows through the various charity groups and sporting clubs Brick Lane and partnered with along the way. One of the latest groups Brick Lane has supported in the Pink Boots Society. The Pink Boots Society is a  group for all women and queer people in brewing, supporting diversity in the industry. This year Brick Lane and the Pink Boots Society collaborated to create the ‘Steriobreaker Rye Pale Ale’.  Brick Lane will donate $10 500 from the proceeds of the Steriobreaker to the Pink Boots Society’s scholarship fund, supporting and educating others in the beer industry.


Having only been in the GABS Hottest 100 Beers ring for the second time in 2020, Brick Lane succeeded in getting four beers listed. It was very close to being five with Backyarder Crips Larger making spot #105.

Here at Beer Fans, we enjoy hearing about breweries that are supporting others and doing their best for the environment. We can’t wait to see how the new expansion plan will boost them into being the second-largest brewing capacity of any independent brewery in Australia. Keep up the great work Brick Lane!

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