Blackflag Brewing, a brewery inspired by a little bit of punk rock, a little bit of rock and roll and a declaration to never raise a white flag. Brothers Steve and Geoff Barber along with friends John Coumessos and Ross Holloway created Blackflag. A mutual love of craft beer brought the four together to create the brewery. The four founders joined forces with Simon Grasby to steer the beer creation. Not only does the team at Blackflag continue to create unique beer and sours they have created some uniquely designed beer artwork. Each beer has been given a unique design to truly represent them. Not only do the cans show off their beer but Blackflag has taken it one step further. Inspired by beer tap handles from other breweries around Australia, Blackflag has incorporated skateboard trucks as their handles. True beer fans will be able to see Blackflag pouring their local venue when looking at the tap lineup, at a single glance. 

Just a bunch of good people brewing good beer in good places.

Christmas 2019 is the shining beacon for Blackflag Brewing. After months of preparations and creating the perfect venue, December 24th their liquor license was approved. Allowing Blackflag to be open for business. Inspired by loud, fast music and going against the grain, Blackflag has created a great community. This community has allowed the new brewery to withstand the year that was 2020. During their first few months, it seemed like every week was a festival or event through Queensland, keeping the team run off their feet and loving every minute. Due to various venue closures and the changes in regulations throughout 2020 the team at Blackflag were able to catch up after a hectic first few months. Finding their groove and perfecting their methods Blackflag has brought great beer to their community. The Blackflag venue, created for hosting many beer fans on a daily basis, seemed so empty during those first few months of Covid. Blackflag Brewing are great fans of ‘Keeping Local Alive’, so created a hole in the wall to allow their own fans to collect as many tinnies as they wanted during the lockdowns. This allowed Blackflag’s sales to continue, ensuring the team were able to look after their staff when times seemed so uncertain.

Since the limitations on venues and events have begun to lessen Blackflag has continued to bring fun events for their fans to enjoy together.

As Blackflag was anxiously waiting for their liquor license they perfected their ‘Old School Lager’. The lager, a good beer for those who don’t like their old school beer, clean crisp and clear. A perfect craft lager to remind you of the good old days. More recently they have created the Old School Cool Draught. The familiar flavours of your old favourites made for craft beer fans alike. The cans also bring the elements of old school cool in their designs. The draught reminds you of your favourite sports team with a clean, sharp look. Who knows we might see Blackflag Brewing on the GABS Hottest 100 next year.

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