Brewed locally. For locals.

The role of a shepherd is to lead and care for the herd, keeping them safe. Bad Shepherd Brewing Co is all about leading you into temptation with fine craft beer. The team at Bad Shepherd have built their brewery with the philosophy of creating temptingly good beers from the best local ingredients.

Setting up a brewery and restaurant in an area with very few ‘beer people’ took guts and a lot of effort. But as Bad Shepherd set their mind to it, they knew locals are your greatest supporters. Not only does the brewery offer the comforts of classic American style comfort food and great beer, but a hub for the community.

During their earlier years, Bad Shepherd launched the Almighty Day, a launch for their first intensely hoppy beer. Featuring ‘strongman’ games like keg presses, car lifts and other feats of might, the event was a hit. Almighty Day has become an annual event, with sold out tickets and lines around the block to share in the fun and excitement of launching the Almighty Beer. Events like this have introduced craft beer to the local community and created a ‘place to be’ in southeast Melbourne. Bad Shepherd is even mentioned in local ‘for sale’ signs as part of the attraction of living in the area, and most of their beer is still sold within 20kms of the brewery.

The first five years of Bad Shepherd inspired an explosion of breweries in Melbourne’s southeast. Bad Shepherd is always keen to champion brewers in their local community, including regular Good Beer Week events. Not only does Bad Shepherd work hard to champion their local community of breweries, but also the team they have. Each year the team at Bad Shepherd have the chance to create their own beer as a part of the ‘Brew Crew Series’. This has led to many limited-edition creations, with some making the core range. The Brew Crew Series have ranged from peach flavoured Unicorn Beer and Sticky Date Stout, to the Passionfruit Sour and popular Peanut Butter Porter. 

Bad Shepherd and the GABS Hottest 100 Craft Beers

The Peanut Butter Porter (now a core range beer at Bad Shepherd) just landed in the 2020 GABs Hottest 100, ranking in at #100. Originally a limited-edition Brew Crew Series beer, the tasty drop has now become their most in-demand beer. Created by Bad Shepherd’s head chef, and inspired by his American wife’s love of peanut butter chocolate, the beer is packed with hazelnuts, lactose and rich dark malts give a peanut buttery flavour and aroma. This porter is a hard-to-put-down beer!

One of the struggles of being a part of a growing community, is to stay ahead of the trends and continue to create. Bad Shepherd strive to constantly learn and develop their team, creating space for personal and professional development. The creativity and imagination that has been born from the ‘Brew Crew Series’ has given Bad Shepherd their own edge when it comes to staying at the forefront of brewing.

Here at Beer Fans we are excited for what this year’s Brew Crew Series will offer. We can’t wait.

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