Quality must be at the core of everything we do!

Akasha Brewing Company has recently updated their branding and logo to truly represent their brewery. Located in Five Dock Sydney the brewery has moved away from a rustic logo to an ‘All Seeing’/’Illuminati-inspired’ eye design. The hop bud sits in the centre of the triangle, just as the humble hop is the centre of focus at Akasha. The triangle is defined as the strongest and most potent shape. The Akasha triangle is made up of three sides, hop forward, high quality and consistent beers, with the hop bud in the centre. These three assertions are what inspires the Akasha mission statement – Quality must be at the centre of everything they do.

A key part of their mission is consistency, not just in making great beers but also making sure they are the best when they are in your hand. Akasha goes the extra mile to ensure their beers are looked after on their journey from brewery to home, including refrigerated transport. Every sip of your favourite beer should taste the same at the brewery, bar or home. Akasha’s new logo has made sure no one misses their vision now.

Akasha Brewing Company began with a short, one year stint of gypsy brewing across Sydney until they found their home near the water in Five Dock. The location could not have been more perfect. The completely empty space was a daunting task, to begin with as there was nothing to base their designs and layout around. Yet the 100% blank canvas allowed the founders of Akasha to build their brewery exactly how they wanted it. Running fresh gas and water lines to allow for the most optimal use of the smaller space.

The brewhouse may be small but is very efficient. The complexly custom space creates a great flow for the team to manage the various batches. Akasha continues to use smaller tanks to allow for experimenting and limited-edition batches among their core range. Just as their new logo shows hops at the centre of their beer, the brewery has been designed with space for a tasting room, right insight of the brewhouse in action. The stainless-steel tanks are close enough for you to see your favourite beer being brewed right in front of your eyes.



Akasha’s ‘Hopsmith’ American IPA is the product of many trips to the USA, learning the art of the celebrated west coast style flavours. Hopsmith was awarded 47th place in the GABS Hottest 100 Craft Beers of 2020. During the creation, the final beer was met with great anticipation and excitement from the Akasha community. This is the beer, created, for all seasons and enjoyed by anyone. Featuring triple dry-hopped and a refreshingly distinctive flavour, this is definitely a favourite from Akasha.

Not only did the Hopsmith make it into the top 100, the Masaic American IPA also found its way into 83rd place. This second American IPA features shining melon and stone fruit flavours with a moderately bitter finish. Both beers are a part of Akasha’s core range, readily available and perfect for beer fans alike.

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