Change, adaptation and imagination are not new concepts to the team at 3 Ravens, Melbourne’s oldest independent brewery. Throughout its journey, 3 Ravens has continued to grow and adapt through various challenges. Sustainable brewing is one of the core philosophies that 3 Ravens have boldly taken onboard. Not only does brewing create waste but also produces a decent amount of CO2 emissions. Considering the natural products that make up the best quality beers, cleaner air and a beautiful environment create the best quality ingredients. You get what you give, is very much the mentality at 3 Ravens. The fewer emissions and waste produced, the better for the environment that is growing their precious ingredients. With a goal to minimise their footprint on the environment the 3 Ravens team have installed a radiant-reflective cool roof and solar system to create their own energy from the sun. Since partnering with environmental engineer legend Jon Fettes, the brewery has already drastically reduced their ‘grid-based’ energy usage. With the use of various sustainable brewing practices 3 Ravens hopes to encourage other breweries to take similar action. 3 Ravens know that sustainable changes don’t happen overnight. It takes one step at a time. With each step they take towards sustainability, 3 Ravens hope to inspire other breweries to take similar actions. The ultimate goal is to protect the resources required to make beer, to produce the best quality brews.


Who are the 3 ravens?

3 Ravens is inspired by the three ravens in Norse mythology. Originally two ravens sent by Odin to observe humans and find the secret to human happiness. The ravens were later joined by Jack, sent by Loki the prankster. As all good stories go, the three became great friends. Each bringing with them; sight, knowledge and creativity to create a magic potion focused on human happiness. The same can be said of the founders of 3 Ravens Brewery. A group of friends coming together in a basement in Thornbury, Melbourne to create great Australian beers. Beginning with bold European style beers, classic ales and on to pushing the boundaries surrounding craft beer. Combining ideas and processes from old and new, the team at 3 Ravens continues to produce highly awarded classic and imaginative beers.


3 Ravens is one of the first independent breweries in Melbourne. After creating a self-named beer for a wedding, they began producing their beer for various local pubs in 2003. As the beer became more and more popular throughout their local community 3 Ravens continued to make crowd favourites. In those early days it was strange to have a smoked beer as part of the core range, although many thought craft beer itself was a fad. The brewers at 3 Ravens did not stop there. Throughout the years the brewers have experimented with barrel-aged, mixed fermentation, beer-wine hybrids, fruited beers and much more. The sky isn’t the limit. The beers that have been produced through the 3 Ravens journey is a true representation of the fun, eclectic, imaginative and clever members who have been through the doors.


Thornbury HQ

The Thornbury home of 3 Ravens is not only the home to the brewery and tap room, but also a great co-working space. The previous owners of the building required more office space than a brewery would typically need. The co-working space has provided a great community for people to work and build a community, with the added bonus of house made beers. The space has not only been beneficial for the different people who work there but, the brewery has also found some great people to add to their team.

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